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Discover the Amazing Nutritional Impact and Necessity of Trace Minerals!


FREE of Toxic
Heavy Minerals

Greatest Source of
Life Giving Trace Minerals

Readily Bioavailable
for the Human Body

Kona Deep Sea MineralsDeep Sea Minerals from the Kona Coast of Hawaii. Pure, all-natural minerals of Kona gold.

Do You Desire Optimal Health?
What You Need to Know About Trace Minerals

The nutritional value of our fruits and vegetables has declined during this century due to the over-cultivation of commercial farming.  Our once rich soil has been depleted of many key nutrients.  As a result, the many life-giving trace minerals that are so important to our overall health have become extinct in our diets.  The door has opened to the aging process and the opportunity for disease.  The sea provides the greatest banquet of minerals on earth!





Kona's Gold Mine of Mineral Health

all-natural minerals

ocean minerals

"You can trace EVERY sickness, EVERY disease, and EVERY ailment to a mineral deficiency... Even aging, chronic pain, food cravings, and insomnia have been linked to mineral deficiencies."
 - Dr. Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner

Thanks to modern science and ancient nature, secrets of the sea have been discovered, revealing a nutritional gold mine off the Kona coast of Hawaii.  A scientific project there allowed deep ocean water to be brought to the surface.  This water hasn't been near the surface in over a millennium.  It was found to be free of pollution and extraordinarily rich in ionized minerals thanks to the expired bodies of plankton and diatoms.  The deep sea waters lying approximately 610 to 930 meters below the surface, are know to oceanographers as the "Zone of Regeneration."  They have been in a constant state of nutrient enrichment throughout the centuries.  Volcanic activity that created the islands along with the convergence of minerals transported via deep sea currents rich in glacial milk, create this remarkable mineral-rich environment.  Hundreds, if not thousands of years have passed since this water has come near the surface, keeping it free from herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metal contamination.

In this ecosystem where the food chain virtually begins, billions of phytoplankton and algae have metabolized these minerals during their life cycle.  As the plankton and algae expire and descend through the multiple stratus of the ocean, they are suspended in this unique zone where the minerals are deposited in cold, contaminant-free water.  These phytoplankton and algae have completed nature's cycle by processing and preparing these rich nutrients.  Kona Deep Sea Minerals is nature's perfect balance of macrominerals, microminerals, and ultra trace minerals.  They are present in the most readily assimilable and bioavailable form known.  The Kona Deep Sea Minerals mineral levels are almost identical to the mineral levels found in human blood serum and are in a pH balance very similar to human blood.  Unlike land-based and shallow sea-based minerals, Kona Deep Sea Minerals is free of toxic heavy metals such as Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Radon (Rn), Ruthenium (Ru), and Uranium (U).  For maximum assimilation, these bioavailable minerals have been placed into a convenient encapsulated delivery system, which also allows them to be transported easily to wherever your day may take you.


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300 Deep Sea Minerals from the Kona Coast of Hawaii. Pure, all-natural minerals of Kona gold. 1 bottle
90 capsules
each $37.00 $31.00 sea minerals 

Deep Sea Minerals Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

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