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Risotriene the Superfood of the Century

Manage Diabetes and High Blood Pressure With Risotriene

Nutrition Shall Be Your Medicine.
the Father of Medicine

Diabetic Resource Center Seal of ApprovalThis to combat free radicals which are often linked to unhealthy conditions. product was awarded the Seal of Approval from the Diabetic Resource Center, an independent laboratory, which indicates its nutritional benefits to diabetics.  RiSoTriene was also used as well as endorsed by the Olympic Volleyball teams!

organic Certified Organic
Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food, other organic agricultural products. etc. In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, [food] processors, retailers & restaurants.

Dr. Mark Drucker"With the help of RiSoTriene and Essential 7, we have also been able to stabilize our diabetic patients. After only two weeks, most are able to reduce their dosages of insulin or oral diabetic medication by fifty percent. In four to eight weeks, many Type II diabetics are able to reduce or discontinue their oral medication".

Risotriene is one of the potent sources of all of the vitamins, minerals needed to help fight disease, aging and to help promote health. According to research conducted at the University of Wisconsin, it contains compounds which dramatically slows aging, manages diabetics blood sugar levels and reduces harmful cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol required for a healthy coronary artery system. Manages Diabetes High Blood Pressure.

Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D.

Dr. Drucker received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences. He has been a family physician for over twelve years and is also involved in nutritional and alternative medicine. Dr. Drucker is currently the Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine in California.

“As a family physician and the medical director of the Center for Advanced Medicine, I'm in a great position to help patients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

While most doctors still practice medicine with the goal of just suppressing symptoms (they have accepted the disease as part of their patient), I've tried to take a more holistic approach. Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, "Nutrition shall be your medicine."

At the Center, we use nutritional products to restore the body's biochemical balance, and we draw on the expertise of different specialists, such as chiropractors and massage therapists, to help people feel better.

For a long time we used different combinations of vitamins and minerals, all of which had been synthesized in a laboratory.

But what we really wanted to find was a natural food product that could achieve the same or better results for our patients. RiSoTriene™ was our answer.”


For a complete Doctors review of Risotriene, ask me for a copy of “The Natural Health Report – Risotriene”.


Sugar Diabetes:Balance Blood Sugar Levels: Lipoic acid normalizes blood sugar levels & reduces glycation.  Glycation is the damage done to the body by excess sugar. Glycation leads to accelerated aging, heart disease & diabetes complications. It has been used for nearly thirty years to treat neuropathy, help regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetic cardiopathy and retinopathy. Lipoic acid protects the nervous system and may be involved in the regeneration of nerves.

Blood and cells accelerates fermentation and the growth of micro-organisms that increase toxin levels in the body. Fortunately, blood sugar often responds well to lower blood pressure and good nutrition; even better to great nutrition. Risotriene is great nutrition! Some of the ingredients found in Risotriene that have been found to slow sugar assimilation and to help transport sugar out of the blood are soluble fiber (from RiSoTriene~ and vegetables), glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, natural B-Vitarnins and the minerals magnesium, chromium and vanadium.

Diabetes High Blood Pressure: Millions of Americans turn to drugs to help lower their blood pressure. However, Risotriene contains an ideal balance of the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as other nutrients that can help the body maintain electrolytes and avoid electrolyte stress that manifests itself as high blood pressure. Risotriene contains Lipoic Acid which reduces the adherence of cholesterol plaque to arterial walls, allowing them to be moreflexible and less prone to high blood pressure. Diabetics had a special problem with high blood pressure.

Restores Energy Increases Stamina: Lipoic Acid is a powerful compound for builds energy in muscles and is an important link in the vital antioxidant network. It is an essential key that unlocks energy from the food we eat. This energy is available for everything we need to do.

Many people report an increase in energy within minutes of drinking Risotriene. One of the reasons that Risotriene increases energy so well is that it doesn't need to be broken down to be digested. It is already predigested and ready for action. Therefore, Risotriene quickly enters the bloodstream, providing hundreds of important nutrients such as lipoic acid, and pangarnic acid that "energize" your body.

Reduces Pain: Risotriene is a powerful source of vitamins, nutrients, protein and fiber. It contains a newly discovered complex of Vitamin E and tocotrienols as well as tocopherol, which is the compound generally called Vitamin E. The tocotrienol compounds are 40 to 6,000 times more potent than alpha-tocopherol as antioxidants. This makes the anti-inflammatory properties inherent to Vitamin E E even more powerful for those suffering with any type of chronic pain disorder. It contains superior forms of B Complex vitamins, which are crucial for energy metabolism, along with 90 extremely powerful antioxidant vitamins. When these potent antioxidant vitamins are combined they have a synergistic effect and together are up to 100 times more powerful than pycnogenols or grape seed extract.

Antioxidants: Known as the metabolic antioxidant, lipoic acid regenerates other antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body against the damage that can cause heart disease, cancer, aging, strokes, arthritis, cataracts and most degenerative diseases. Lipoic acid increases the efficiency of Vitamins C & E, glutathione and improves metabolism. When the body is deficient in lipoic acid, other antioxidants do not network properly together. Lipoic acid is a coenzyme that is involved in energy production and is a universal antioxidant that directly and indirectly helps protect every body part from the damage of oxidative stress.

Protects the Liver: Slows HIV: For decades, lipoic acid has been used to protect the liver and to detoxify the body of heavy metal pollutants such as cadmium, lead, mercury and excessive iron and copper. According to Dr. Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., one of the most exciting recent developments is that lipoic acid appears to help slow the progression of HIV infection to clinical AIDS.


RiSoTriene: For Sugar Diabetes, Blood Sugar/Glucose Levels, Blood  Pressure,
Energy and Immune System

Super Food. Look Good. Feel Good. Be Healthy. Live Long. Age Slowly.

RiSoTriene - Stabilized Rice Bran Life Solubles"Superfood for the new Millennium"
Risotriene stabilized rice bran is used and endorsed by the men's and women's Olympic Volleyball teams

Recommended for: Diabetes * Pain * Chronic Fatigue * Multiple Sclerosis  Hypoglycemia * Arthritis * Parkinson's Disease * Cholesterol


• RiSoTriene is composed of naturally occurring bio-available vitamins and minerals with over 90 antioxidants. Risotriene controls diabetes glucose levels.

• Restore Energy improved Stamina. A strength buildup is usually the first thing you notice when you begin taking Risotriene. Helps manage diabetes.

•  Unequaled by any other product on the market today.  These least active of the compounds is 6000 times more potent than synthetic vitamin E: Best antioxidant available.

• Restore healthy cholesterol levels. Most powerful in the RiSoTriene arsenal are lipoic acid and gamma oryzanol in addition to numerous types of tocopherols and tocotrienols, which may lower cholesterol levels.

• Restore certain antioxidants that are present in slowing of the aging process. Also, RiSoTriene has been documented to assist the body to combat free radicals. Free Radicals are often linked to unhealthy conditions.  

• These antioxidants boost the body's ability to rebuild itself while it restores its wellness.

RiSoTriene is a natural flavor and is completely soluble in liquids.

• Mix one tablespoon or RiSoTriene with your favorite juice, milk, or water. Sprinkle on food for a delicious treat. It will enhance your health, strengthen your immune system and improve stamina.

• A complete list of RiSoTriene antioxidants is available here. A list of Vitamins & Minerals, here.

risotriene life solubles stabilized rice bran

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RiSoTriene is a nutrient dense food product that is all-natural and perfect for everyone, young and old!


Risotriene stabilized rice bran solubles Life Solubles complete natural whole food

Stabilized Rice Bran is one of the most potent sources of  antioxidants  of any food. It contains all of the vitamins, minerals and other  nutrients needed to help fight disease, aging and to help promote health.  It contains compounds which dramatically reduce harmful cholesterol levels (LDL), while increasing the good cholesterol (HDL).diabetes supplements

Certain antioxidants that are present  in Stabilized Rice Bran have been documented to support the slowing of the aging  process. It also battles free radicals that are linked to unhealthy conditions.  Risotriene's antioxidants boost the body's ability to regenerate itself while  building its strength and stamina. Their ability to help regulate blood sugar  levels may prove helpful to diabetics and others who suffer from  hypoglycemia.

Cancer survival rates  improved 50 percent! Antioxidant supplements work by boosting the immune system  to help fight off free radical damage. Free radical damage is caused by  oxidation within the cells; antioxidants neutralize the damage of  oxidation.

Heart attacks, bypass surgery, cardiac deaths and strokes were  dramatically reduced in a long term double blind study conducted at Harvard  University. Twenty-two thousand male physicians noticed a fifty percent  reduction in heart problems, and this occurred after only two  years. 

Risotriene stabilized rice bran solubles - Life Solubles...a powerful source of vitamins, nutrients,  protein and fiber. It contains a newly discovered complex of Vitamin E and  tocotrienols as well as tocopherol, which is the compound generally called  Vitamin E. The tocotrienol compounds are 40 to 6000 times more potent than  alpha-tocopherol as antioxidants. This makes the anti-inflammatory properties  inherent to Vitamin E even more powerful for those suffering with any type of  chronic pain disorder. It contains superior forms of B Complex vitamins, which  are crucial for metabolism, along with 74 extremely powerful antioxidant  vitamins. When these potent antioxidant vitamins are combined they have a synergistic effect and together are up to 100 times more powerful than pycnogenols or grape seed extract.

Our Commitment to Your Health! stabilized rice bran

We will ask you to commit to taking this product as prescribed.  Instructions will be sent you under separate cover.  This is not a drug . . . it is a food.  A highly charged and enriched natural food, stabilized to provide you with nutrients on a cellular level.

Enjoy life!  Prolong life!  You owe it to your family as well as yourself.

Request a copy of the Natural Health Report for More Information

RiSoTriene Ingredients with Nutrition Facts

RiSoTriene's Antioxidants •  RiSoTriene's Vitamins & Minerals

Risotriene helps with some of the symptoms of, or problems related to, Chemo Therapy, Brittle Diabetes, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), juicing, low platelets, Parkinson's Disease, prostate problems, recovery from surgery, and yeast infections.

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