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Symptoms of a Parasite Infestation

Rid your body of amoebas, worms, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other parasites.  Parasite Cleanse helps with some of the symptoms of, or problems related to, chronic sore throat and overall swelling.

You can tell if Parasites have attached themselves to the inside of your body because you will have these symptoms: indigestion, liver bile, diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal cramping, acidophilus, anemia lymphatic congestion, eczema, worms, amoebas, fungus, parasitic illnesses, headaches, parasites, parasite illness, intestinal disorders, asthma, enzyme, capsules, intestinal Cleanse rids the body of worms, hookworms, tape worms, amoebas, fungus, parasitic illnesses, headaches, intestinal disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, asthma, enzyme, capsules, intestinal parasites, bacteria, and virus.

The Treatment

25 herbs rids these parasites from you body.

Black Walnut (Hull), Wormwood (root), (Artemisia annua), Garlic (8000 ppm Allicin), Citrus Extract (seed), (Citricidal), Gentian (root), (Gentiana quinquetolia), Pacific Kelp (leaf), (Macrocystis pyrifera), Butternut (root), Myrrh (resin), Ground Clove (buds), (Syzgium aromaticum), Goldenseal (root, Bitter Melon (fruit), (Momordica charantia), Barberry (root) Long Pepper (fruit), (Piper longum) Ginger (root) Oregano (seed) Fennel seed), Quack Grass (root), (Agropyron repens), Thyme (leaves), Blue Vervain (flower), Pumpkin (seed), (Curcurbita species), Peppermint (leaf), Licorice (root), Prune (fruit), Prunus (Prunus domestica), Cayenne (pepper), Embelia rubis (fruit).

Parasite Cleanse protects and eliminates parasites with natural products like, black walnut tincture, wormwood, quassia, cloves, Ayurveda, black walnut green hull, artemisia, herbs and spice,

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